Credit and Risk

Not everyone can access credit for reasons of history or geography, but everyone has a personality.

Coremetrix provides solutions to help unlock credit and insurance products that are both appropriate for the consumer and profitable for our clients. We do this by assessing the individual on the basis of who people are and not what they have been.

The Proof

Personality based risk assessment helps reduce default rates

MasterCard, in their 2014 Advisors report, found that candidates accepted via Coremetrix personality data were 23% less likely to default on their borrowing.

Download MasterCard’s Advisors Report

The Benefits

Improving decisions whilst enabling financial inclusion

For lenders, Coremetrix technology means applicants, formerly excluded can be welcomed into the financial fold. MasterCard reported that in excess of 50% more ‘thin file’ applicants can be accepted using Coremetrix data for credit risk.

For the lender it means acquiring and retaining reliable customers as they establish a relationship with credit products. For consumers it means accessible products and services to help them achieve short and long term goals.

In 2012, Coremetrix in conjunction with Mastercard found that consumers in developing markets would use previously unattainable credit to buy education. It’s a well known fact that two more years of education equals ten more years life expectancy.

Coremetrix Quiz

Bringing the personal touch back into banking

Every Coremetrix Quiz is the result of  academic research into underlying factors of human behaviour. Our team of psychologists carefully develop every question and possible answer to ensure we provide a highly accurate way for banks and insurers to understand their potential and current customers and their credit intent.

You can see this in action in the Coremetrix Quiz demo. With insights into financial attitudes and personality, it’s an example of our commitment to make the lending process more democratic.

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