Customer Acquisition

Welcoming profitable new candidates to credit

We’re arming institutions with the data they need to extend credit to those who’ve previously been frozen out of the system. Using Coremetrix¬†data involves the same process banks and lenders are use to, but with us there’s significantly less risk, and much more profit potential.

23% less default at the same volume

When you base lending on who people are

By examining a customer’s financial personality, motivations and outlook on life, we can help you make the right lending decisions more of the time. With improved decision accuracy and default predictions you can increase profitability and minimise losses.

Works with

Bureau and application data

Model can used alongside existing bureau and application data.


Scoring is agnostic of credit bureau existence.

The Science

Physical people as digital data

Using the latest psychological research, Coremetrix has developed a methodology which accurately depicts a physical person as digital data by assessing personality, values and attitudes. That enables us to predict specific financial behaviours on the basis of scientifically valid measures and psychological constructs both based on solid models; such as OCEAN (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism).

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