Customer Management

Make the most of your existing customers

Get to know who they are

Using Coremetrix psychographic technology, analyse customers’ financial habits, behaviours and attitudes to see impact across your existing customer lifecycle. With unique financial insights you will be able to:

  • Increase revenue by acquiring customers with high card utilisation and high average account balance
  • Improve revenue per customer through identification of cross/ up-sell of overdraft as well as savings account products
  • Identify customers with high probability of overdraft

The science

Incorporating rich personality data into lending

Sample recommendations from survey uptake

  • Increase credit line
  • Decrease APR
  • Offer savings account

Profiled Customer

  • Profiled ID
  • Saving score
  • Credit sell recommendations
  • Credit line recommendations

The Proof


  • 10% response rate from email campaign
  • 16,590 profiled users


  • 0.50 Gini predicting credit card utilisation
  • 0.53 Gini predicting current balance


  • Increased revenue per customer
  • Efficient identification of cross/upsell
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