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Image based questions result in up to 92% completion rates

Coremetrix technology is currently based on images which appeal to the consumer and deliberately trigger an instinctive emotional response, providing far more accurate data as it less likely to be gamed. Validated via panel testing and redeveloped by our in-house psychologists, each question and it’s potential response is carefully aligned with consumer behaviour in both high and low stake environments.

Coremetrix Quizzes conclude with a risk score and, if required, a psychological reflection of the consumer’s personality make-up. We provide top tips on how save money and explain financial terminology. Though the psychological insights feedback are insightful, and engaging, they’re firmly rooted in leading psychological principles; including the OCEAN model.

Our Quizzes have an average  92% completion rate and the success of our methodology has been proven in many territories around the world.

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Build, test, trial and verify

Coremetrix’s predictive models are designed to predict real life financial outcomes. The question development process involves multiple stages of testing to ensure that only the most relevant and powerful options make the final cut. For a 30 questions Quiz, as many as 200 questions are mooted and 80 are trialled before final review.

From the outset, qualitative tests ensure question meanings and interpretations are sound across the geographies in which we operate. Symbols of luck and fortune vary greatly between cultures, a surprising example is that UK-based under 20s didn’t identify the horseshoe as a good luck icon – so online focus groups as well as real world interviewees enable us to learn and record cultural quirks and perceptions and the way people interact with ideas, questions and products.

Before a question makes it to a live environment, we ensure its predictive power in quantitative online tests where we assess both the scale validation of the new questions, as well as their risk prediction. Scale validation is carried out to confirm the correlation of the newly developed image scale with established scales of personality.

Risk prediction is assessed through the correlation of questions with financial information contributed by our sample panelists – questions that perform well throughout the testing process graduate to the final product. Final models are built based on live environment data, and provide accurate, robust and sound predictions for future financial behaviour.

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