Our team

Creative Product Manager
Caterina Ponsicchi
Head of Engineering
Cristian Pupazan
Senior Research Psychologist
David Kaufer
Data Scientist
Vaishali Mahalingam
Data Scientist
Darren Kidney
Business Development Director
Gary Brown
Business Development Director
Joe Bowerbank
Executive Director of Global Solutions
Paul Randall
HR & Operations Support Director at Creditinfo Group
Emma Camilleri
Executive Director Global Technology
Tucker Zengerle
Marketing Director at Creditinfo Group
Ieva Bieliunaite-Jankauskiene
Regional Director, Asia and the Middle East at Creditinfo Group
Samuel White
Regional Director, Francophone Africa at Creditinfo Group
Sidimohamed Abouchikhi
Regional Director, CEE, Balkans, non francophone Africa at Creditinfo Group
Seth Marks
Regional Manager, Northern Europe and Southern Europe at Creditinfo Group
Brynja Baldursdóttir
Regional Manager LATAM & Caribbean Creditinfo Group
Claudia Estela Garcia Marquez