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Our mission

Our mission is to increase affordable access to financial services by allowing lenders and insurers to broaden their customer base safely.

We believe that people should be able to access credit and insure themselves affordably regardless of age, location or credit history.

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Why Coremetrix?

Not everyone has a credit score...
everyone has a personality.

Quick and simple integration via our RESTful API

Localised content to match local language, culture and unique sensitivities

Privacy by design:
we assess everyone against product performance data which is provided by an anonymised identifier

We have proven a link between a person’s psychological traits and their financial behaviour.

We blend psychology and traditional risk analytics by using image based technology to create new data on attitudes, values and behaviours that make every human being unique.

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Our technology

Coremetrix technology is currently based on images which deliberately trigger an instinctive and emotional response, providing far more accurate data as it less likely to be gamed.


We provide scores in real time


We don’t accept, store or process any personal data


Integrating with us is easy

Case studies

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Motor Insurance
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What our clients say

Thanks to COREMETRIX technology we will be able to improve financial inclusion for entrepreneurs and individuals with limited or no credit history.
South Africa
Our partnership with COREMETRIX has led to the development of a unique approach to credit risk scoring that continues to evolve and benefit an increasing number of creditworthy applicants.
The more we know about our customers’ likely behaviour the better placed we are to price risk on an individual basis, giving customers an even more accurate price.

Where to find us

Creditinfo Uk Limited C/O Spaces, 30 Moorgate, London, United Kingdom, EC2R 6PJ

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