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kuberneted migration

After a huge amount of work from our local engineering team, with the assistance from our colleagues in Creditinfo Global Technologies, Coremetrix are delighted to confirm that we have completed our migration to a containerised infrastructure leveraging Kubernetes.

Kubernetes is a natural technology choice for Coremetrix and allows us to maximise the advantage we’ve obtained through running our services in the AWS cloud. Kubernetes means that our clients can rest assured that our services will scale horizontally no matter how much load they are put under and will further reduce the possibility of any downtime on the platform.

It is critical to Coremetrix to provide a global solution that will scale massively while keeping our technology operating costs as low as possible, Kubernetes gives us the tools to do this and provides the stability you would associate with a large enterprise combined with the agility and flexibility of a startup.

Head of Engineering, Cristian Pupazan led and is delighted to complete the migration; “It is important that our quiz platform can run across multiple operating environments such as private clouds powered by opensource technologies or public clouds such as AWS. Moving to technology such a Kubernetes enables us to achieve this. Also using Kubernetes means that our deployments are now a lot cleaner and our services are self-healing and easy to scale. Building on top of such a platform will give the tech team more velocity, efficiency and agility.”

Well done to Cris and team!

According to Conor Redmond, Head of Operations at Coremetrix, the new infrastructure improves on an already impressive offering:“Our clients rely on us to provide innovative solutions that scale. Kubernetes allows us to meet our service requirements to them and to provide a highly stable infrastructure. We already provide an uptime SLA of 99.99% so our new infrastructure can only provide even greater confidence and better service. Most importantly for us as a growing business, it also allows us to maintain our low-cost base while having the confidence that we can scale without limits as we grow.”

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